DOG Street

I’m always concerned about what the reaction will be when I send my camera soaring into the air.  I was especially concerned while visiting WIlliamsburg this weekend.  I don’t know specifically why, but it just felt weird to me to be flying over Duke of Gloucester Street.  It just seems like such a proper place and I didn’t want to distract or disturb.  I ended up launching from the fields behind the Wren Building and flying to just over the Wren Building.  So, for all the Tribe alumni – enjoy.


My wife an I went to a wine tasting yesterday.  We thought it was a very adult thing to do, why not?  We both got a little buzzed from just the tasting and neither one of us get it – the whole wine tasting thing.  Just what is a “silky finish” supposed to taste like?!  We wondered if you blindfolded someone and gave them the same wine in three glasses, but told them they were different if they would notice.

We have very similar tastes.  Apparently we really like the dessert wines so they might as well have served us plain grape juice.

These are just about to be harvested at the Williamsburg Winery

These are just about to be harvested at the Williamsburg Winery

Weekend Getaway

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”

Robert Orben

The River

One of our favorite places to visit is WIlliamsburg and the last time we ventured out a little further than usual and found this place.  Needless to say there’s a ton of history in this area and we’d never been to this site before.  And as always, great photo opportunities everywhere we went.