A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Laozi

Well, I suppose I’ve taken quite the plunge here.  I’ve decided to blog.  I have no idea what I’m doing or even what I might blog about.

I just recently lost a job that was part of the perfect situation.  I worked in TV.  I had no formal training – completely self-taught (I believe this happens more and more these days).  My office was 5 minutes from my house so my commute was roughly 20 minutes shorter than the national average.  And I was doing what I loved to do.  Until the corporate body decided to shut it down.  So I’m at a cross roads.  I can’t just up and move to a bigger market (which is what typically happens) because my daughter has a year and a half left in high school.  I don’t really want to commute – I really got used to how close the office was.

So I’m the newest freelancer in an increasingly saturated market of creative professionals.

This is that single step that will begin that thousand-mile journey.

Geez – I hope I get better at this.


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