I know it may not look like it, but this lady pulled out in front of me and I almost hit her.  This is what the super-wide angle of 15mm will do to an image – it expands the space and makes things look so much further away.  I was testing out the new car mount that I got for my GoPro since I’d been having issues with the suction cup losing it’s suction (it’s a first generation suction cup mount).  The new mount is a heavy-duty magnet that is rated up to 100 mph.  So far so good – and a lot easier to set up.

Another "1-click wonder" using my presets "stacks."

Another “1-click wonder” using my presets “stacks.”

In The Name

Another awesome place to shoot – must be something to do with the name Handley…

Handley Regional Library

Handley Regional Library

Alone Time

Photography is such a personal thing for me – it’s really taken over.  There’s just something about it that’s satisfying and calming.  I actually try to avoid taking anybody with me when I’m photographing because I know it must be painfully boring for anybody who’s with me.  I could explore a scene for hours and still not feel like I’ve explored all of it.

There are just so many interesting things going on in this room.

There are just so many interesting things going on in this room.

Split Tone

Ever wonder what the split toning can do in Lightroom?  Scroll down to see the “before” image.



Pretty boring “before” image


Last Night

Well, this is it.  At least for this year.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do as I move forward.  My first thought is to continue.  It’s such a large part of me now especially after 365 consecutive days of doing it.  That’s a long streak.  But my goal was 365 and I did it.  So I may continue, but maybe not as intensively.

So, what did I accomplish.  My initial goal was to stay active as a creative-type.  I lost a job as the Creative Director of a TV station in December and instead of packing up the family and ripping my daughter out of her high school as a senior, I decided to stay put and figure something out.  In the meantime, I needed to remain active so the 365 project was where I landed.

Starting out was a little rough.  Here are some tidbits of advice – no explanation just tidbits.  I discovered most of these in my research before I started.  I get it now.  I’m not including any explanations – just trust me.

  1. Use a topic list to get started
  2. Take your camera (any camera) everywhere
  3. Shoot
  4. Shoot
  5. Shoot

You’ll develop the habit during the first month and before you know it, it’s December 31st.

Happy new Year Year!



I never understood the “First Night” naming convention. Shouldn’t it be “Last Night?”



I took a big risk in waiting until today to try a night-lapse series, but it was a perfect night.  I didn’t quite have the best angle (and that really bright light that turns off toward the end really upset me), but I’m definitely learning.  I’m determined to try this again at some point – it just takes forever to process it.

Sunday Driver

It wasn’t really Sunday, but we took advantage of the nice weather and did some driver’s ed in the back yard.  “Sunday Driver” is the name of my preset in Lightroom.  I adopted the creative naming convention for my presets very early on so I can identify them and keep them unique.

Perhaps I should "release" my Lightroom develop presets.

Perhaps I should “release” my Lightroom develop presets.