So a couple of days ago, my family had a discussion.  Ok, maybe I just made a statement and the family started in on me.  I don’t even remember how the conversation got going (isn’t that usually how it goes?).  Anyway, the central theme of the conversation was what I thought was a sport and what I didn’t.  I know I’m probably not going to be the most popular guy after saying it, but it started with golf.

I just don’t think that an activity, where a certain level of sustained effort (exertion) isn’t maintained for the majority of the time it takes for the activity, can be considered a sport.  I am, by no means, knocking golf (or any number of other “activities” I could mention here but won’t to avoid any more backlash than what’s coming).  I know plenty of people who love golf and play as much as they can.  I just wouldn’t consider playing a round of golf to get my daily exercise.  I could just simply take a walk instead.

What, you might ask, do I consider it?  I consider it a game.  A game that requires a lot of skill – serious skill.  Skill that I have tried to acquire, but have accepted that I will never have.

Apparently this is an age-old debate.

“Popular Science asked the question, Is Tiger Woods proof that golf is a sport, or is John Daly confirmation to the contrary?’ and determined that the answer ‘probably depends on whether you’ve got a set of clubs in the garage.'”
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A Game 01

My father, my father-in-law and my brother Stephen playing golf in 2005.  This is the only time I enjoyed playing golf because I was spending time with extended family that I had never met.


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