The photo isn’t really a throwback, but the place is.  Todd Lake (the lake is directly below the camera) in the George Washington National Forest – it’s where I spent a lot of my childhood.  I picked wild blueberries and ate them off the plant.  I’d walk through the forest and get drinking water from the creek.  My brothers and I would sit on top of my grandmother’s bronco and pick/eat persimmons from the tree.  And I learned to drive said bronco in the field.  I remember going up there every couple weeks to mow the huge field – I also learned to use a riding mower there, too.  I spent the day up there shooting yesterday with my dad and my dog Waldo.  Good times.

"The Cabin"

The cabin, where I spent a lot of my youth, sits at the bottom of the clearing in the middle of the image.


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