Little did we know what was about to happen to us… We’re going again in a couple weeks!

For those who don’t know me personally, we just had one of the craziest RV rental experiences you can imagine. (more detail on this Facebook page). And had it not been for the owner’s accessibility and cooperation, it would have much much worse. It was a pretty bad experience, but the owner’s response to the whole situation made it at least bearable.

Early on in my career as a commercial producer, I learned how to lead a creative meeting with a new client and what questions to pose to get at the information I needed to mold together their message. One of the biggest guiding principles of those meetings purposefully steered said clients away from talking about their customer service in an effort to get them to talk about actual services and products that were different and stood out and mattered to clients. Even as I type this, I’m thinking to myself “WHAT?!?!” The thinking, apparently, was to steer clear of obvious services that consumers should come to expect. Yes, all business have good customer service (or at least should). Now what do you do differently?

Customer service CAN matter. Customer service CAN be different. Customer service CAN stand out.

And it mattered big time with our recent RV rental.

Enough said, I highly recommend Scott at Dream RV Rentals, LLC in Taneytown, MD.

-maybe just don’t rent the Fleetwood Terra – 😉


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