I’m in a funk.  Plain and simple.


It was this lengthy blog post where I overthought everything and went on and on about stuff that you don’t care about.  I don’t really care about.

Cuz I’m in a funk.

July 30, 2020.  It happened for the first time on 7/30/20.  11 times since.  Ask me.  I’ll show you. SVT.  Flutter.  Afib.  Call it whatever you will.  It all sucks.

A lot’s happened in a few years.

  • Afib.
  • Ran my first (and only) marathon.
  • RV rental from hell.
  • Bought our own RV – even after RV rental from hell.
  • Replaced 3 catalytic converters – 2 of them stolen.  Don’t ask.
  • Father passed away.
  • Oh yeah, not the flu, but that other thing. Missing a year in there somewhere.

Energy is lower.  Motivation is lower.  Morale is lower.  Funk.

I have a cardiac ablation this week.  Friday – of all days.  Puzzle complete.  Connect the dots yet?

I hope I never have to give up cycling.  That’ll be funk on steroids.


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