MLS Photo Session Prep

Preparing for Listing Photography

Bathroom:  Remove/hide toothpaste/toothbrush, combs/brushes, shower gels/shampoo, trash can, toilet brush/plunger, robes, bathroom sundries, clothes/shoes.  Mirrors and windows should be clean.  Make sure any hanging towels match, remove toilet seat covers and lower the lid.

Bedroom:  Neatly make beds and be sure the mattress or any objects under the bed are not showing.  Hide all personal items such as books, phones, remotes, etc. (Tip: You can hide them under pillows).   We suggest that personalized decor be removed from children’s rooms so their names and pictures don’t show in listing photos that will appear online. 

Kitchen: Clear/declutter countertops.  Remove hanging dish towels and small area rugs.  Hide garbage can along with pet food bowls, mats and other items. 

Interior:  Clean reflective surfaces such as mirrors, refrigerators, windows, television screens, etc.  Hide all pet beds/crates, toys, bowls, etc.  Remove items other than non-religious framed art or decor hanging from walls.  Keep in mind that items being moved from room to room will show in photos of other rooms, so please hide items in closets or storage areas that will not be photographed.  

Exterior: Move cars away from front and rear of house and close garage doors.  Move trash cans and recycling bins inside or out of sight.  Hide hoses that are normally coiled up on the ground or in portable carts.  Open deck furniture umbrellas, remove grill covers and put any deck cushions on furniture.  Hide toys and sporting equipment in garage or storage containers. 

Turn on all interior lights and open all blinds. For optimal impact all permanent interior light fixtures should be operational with working bulbs.

Thank you for your efforts!