You’re not supposed to walk along the train tracks.  I get that but I was scouting out a location for an aerial shoot and a train needed the tracks.  I actually heard the gates closing before I heard the train.  It was a total Back to the Future moment (you know, at the end of the third one – anyway…).  I jumped off the track and launched really quickly.  So quickly, in fact, that I thought for a second I was going to hit the train on the way up.  It really wasn’t as dangerous as I’m making it out to seem.  The train was moving fairly slowly, I wasn’t anywhere near the tracks when the train passed, the aerial cam was well clear by the time the train passed…

…just enjoy the image.

The train tracks that run through the Abram's Creek Wetlands Preserve.

The train tracks that run through the Abram’s Creek Wetlands Preserve.