The Eye

There’s lots of competition these days and I encourage any and all newcomers, but keep this in mind →  it doesn’t take a high-end camera, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the latest “this” or spared no expense on “that” – it takes “the eye.”  Do you have the creative “eye?”  Equipment only matters up to a certain point.

The Eye

“The Eye” at The Handley Library.  The best camera is ALWAYS the one you have with you.


The weather wasn’t perfect for the shoot and I’ll probably go back when it is better, but there are so many more possibilities in this space.  In the meantime, here’s a teaser image.


If you’re familiar with Winchester, you’ll recognize the Loudoun Street parking garage in the reflection. | Order a print of this image.

Point of View

One of the first things I try to instill in my photography students is to change up the stereotypical way that they take a photograph.  Most people view the world from essentially the same vantage point, but as a photographer you need to break that mold of seeing “as usual.”  Some of the most interesting images (at least IMHO) are ones that take full advantage of a different point of view.  Go ahead, take that picture you were going to take from the standard photography stance (standing, feet slightly wider than shoulder width with one in front of the other for more stability, camera level, SNAP!).  Now that the obligatory image is out of the way, move around and get into some unconventional positions and take the more interesting images.  It’s always cool to see a familiar scene from a different point of view, isn’t it?


The flagship buidling of the Handley Reginoal Library in Winchester, VA


I Took the opportunity to shoot a little bit while I was at The Handley Library this evening.  It’s been a while since I shot there and I’ve been meaning to get back and do it properly.


Things that make you go “hmmm…” | Order a print of this image.



The Soul

Everybody needs something in their life that’s stress-free.  You know, that activity that satisfies the soul.  I didn’t realize how much just shooting does that for me.  I was able to get out the other day and just shoot for nothing more than the fun of it.  That’s good stuff.  For me at least


The dome of the Handley Regional Library in Winchester, VA. | Order a print of this image.


In The Name

Another awesome place to shoot – must be something to do with the name Handley…

Handley Regional Library

Handley Regional Library


I’m so amazed at the new perspective of architecture that I can get with this new technology.  Some things look much more majestic from above and others tend to lose a little something with the elevated perspective.  I think the Handley Library actually loses that majestic edge when it’s shot from above.  Maybe I’m too high.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing building, but it’s just not the same from above.  Certain things are meant to be shot from below, specifically subjects that you want to appear more powerful.  I’ve posted images of this building from the ground (and, of course, from inside) on this blog.  What do you think?

Order a print of this image.

Order a print of this image.