I have to ask – are all you other photographers as crazy about organizing your equipment as I am?  It seems like every few months I reorganize and switch to a different style of case.  I’ve got shoulder bags, backpacks, waist packs, photo belts, lens pouches and hard cases and my equipment lives in all of them at some time or another.  I’m getting better about what I take to a shoot though.  Nowadays, I typically take almost everything I own, but then transfer only what I need to a smaller bag for the actual shoot.  Crazy, I know.  Thanks goodness I have a touch of OCD otherwise this stuff would get lost in a heartbeat.

Come on, who else is like this?  I just have to have my stuff organized.

I just never seems to go back in as easily as it came out!

I just never seems to go back in as easily as it came out!


Lots of work ahead for me

Organize:  lots of work ahead for me.  Update

So this is what 7 years of neglecting my home office looks like.  This is where I used to do freelance and since I’ve kinda come full-circle, I need it again.  I originally thought I’d take a before and after photo for this post, but clearly this is going to take me a while.  I’ll definitely post an after image, but for now I’ve got some actual work to do.

One-A-Day for January '14

One-A-Day for January ’14