Real Estate

So it’s gotten to the point now where I’m shooting properties for a second time.  Not a re-shoot, but a new/different sale of a property.  I’m sure many real estate photogs have been in this position many times.  As many creatives do, I look back on my previous work and just cringe, but it indicates how far I’ve come and potentially how much further I have to go.  Anyway, when it dawns on me that I’ll be shooting the same property, I only look back on previous images to remind myself of the property – NOT to replicate the shots I did before.  In my opinion, I’ve improved – and not only in quality of work, but in getting a sense of the property and what shots are important.  By the way, thanks for reading this far.  The first image was shot back in 2016 – back when I thought I knew everything and was on a roll (bahahahahahahaha…).  The second image was shot just yesterday.  I’m amazed at not only how far I’ve come, but at how some folks have a knack for home improvements.  The space was completely different – the transformation was incredible.  I can’t wait to look back on the new image in 3 years and think, “holy crap, what the heck was I thinking?!”

Second Mortgage

I should know better than to follow technology news when I’m the biggest gear head I know.  I don’t need a car, right?

DJI's new product launched today.  Anybody want to finance this for me...?

DJI’s new product launched today. Anybody want to finance this for me…?

Head On

I’m self-taught on several subjects.  Specifically bike maintenance and mechanics and videography/photography.  The two areas that have essentially dominated my life for the past 20/30 years.  I’ve turned both into successful professional careers at one point or another.

As a side note, I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from James Madison University.

My kids think it's hilarious that their father has a BS Degree.

My kids think it’s hilarious that I have a BS Degree.

It’s really a tough way to do it for many reasons, but mostly because you’re at the mercy of your own motivation and commitment.  Freelancing is a tough road, but it can be rewarding.  The one thing I’ve learned through my “travels” is that whatever the new technique is or whatever the new trend in the industry is, you gotta jump right in to stay current.  Learn as you go, make mistakes and improve your craft.  Whatever it is.  Just go for it – head on.

Trying to take my photography to a new level.  Ha!  I just heard that in my head.

Trying to take my photography to a new level. Ha! I just heard that in my head.



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Want to know how to take amazing pictures?  Read on…

I’ve done a lot of self-guided learning in my life and have heard and read lots of advice – good and bad.  It’s a daunting task to learn new things especially as you age.  Get over yourself and accept the fact that there are others who are just as qualified as you are and even more qualified in many cases.

One gem I’ve heard over and over again in a variety of ways is that it’s not about your camera.  It’s not about your computer or latest software.  It’s all about you.  It’s about your ability to see new things or to see mundane things in a new light.  It will never be about your camera.

The key to taking amazing pictures is simply this – put yourself in front of amazing things.