I read somewhere about someone flying theirs while lying down.  It was kinda relaxing.  Look at Waldo there just chilling.

It's a word.  Look it up.  I did.

It’s a word.  Look it up.  I did.


Days are getting longer.  Can't wait!

Days are getting longer. Can’t wait!

As busy as I feel right now, I suppose I do need to take some time and relax.  For those who know me, this doesn’t really fit my style.  Every moment is a photographic opportunity for me.  I was recently at my Father-In-Law’s retirement party and purposefully left my camera in the car.  His office wanted a group picture and guess who they asked to take it?!  So many people throughout my life have recommended that I put down the camera and enjoy the moment.  But I’m enjoying the moment by photographing it – I can do both.  I’ll relax on those 50-mile bike rides I’m looking forward to once the weather turns!

by the way, wonder if any of my cycling friends (or non-cycling friends for that matter) will spot the inherent flaw in this photo…