You’d never finish anything if they keep calling it commencement.  Just a thought.

Congratulations to all graduates today – including my daughter!

Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourself.

– Mark A. Cooper

Normally you’d see all the parents gathered around taking their own pictures, but I wanted something different. It took me a while and it’s far from perfect. This was one of those projects where I did it just to see if I could.


I’m no graphic designer and I’ve never claimed to be one.  I can re-create something I see, but I’m just not that creative when it comes to generating something brand new.

The senior class at Handley High School for at least the last 5 years has had some fun with the high school initials (JHHS) and created a logo for the class.  I’m not sure how it started or who started it, but it’s been creative every year.  We wait in anticipation over the Summer to see how the new year has been incorporated into the initials each Fall.  So kudos to whoever generates the Handley senior class “logo.”

One of the many senior portraits I've taken of my daughter.

One of the many senior portraits I’ve taken of my daughter.