Sneak Preview

Alright folks – set your DVRs and TiVos and whatever else you high-techy techies use.  Next Thursday 8-9pm EST – “Saving Place, Saving Grace.”  Cedarmeade Studios’ debut on PBS.  Well, it’s not MY debut, but it kinda is for my aerials except that I did just win an award for aerial cinematography.  Anyway…it’ll be cool to watch it.  You can get a sneak preview of it and meet the filmmakers this Saturday (1/7) at The Barns of Rose Hill.  I’m going.

Here’s every link I could find about the film:

  1. Picture Farmer Films (this is the production company)
  2. Holy Cross Abbey (this is what the film is all about)
  3. Indiegogo (you can support the film)
  4. Sneak Preview (another link to get tickets for the sneak preview)

One of the few still images I took while filming near the river. | Order a print of this image or others like it.

Hidden Gem

This place is magnificent and it’s right in our “back yard.”  Hopefully soon it won’t be as “hidden” when the documentary is released.  It’s also a wonderful place to fly – I wasn’t the only drone there this time.

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Fall colors are peaking along the Shenandoah River at the Holy Cross Abbey. | Order a print of this image.

Down By The River

I have all sorts of new projects in the hopper, but this one is pretty cool.  If you weren’t aware of the presence of monks in the area, you will soon enough.  I get to shoot the aerials for a new documentary by George Patterson about the Holy Cross Abbey in Clarke County.  It’s supposed to air on WVPT in late October.  Check this out in the meantime.


The chapel that welcomes guests onto the grounds at Holy Cross Abbey in Berryville.

Horseshoe Bend

Free photo contest!  When I first started, I joined any and every photo contest out there.  Not so much anymore.  It just seems to me that photography is so very subjective (as is any art) and it really depends on how the “judge” is feeling that day.  Sure, anybody can evaluate an image based on a set of established criteria (framing, composition, use of leading lines and so on and so forth), but that removes all beauty from the work and it becomes sterile.  Anyway…

But this contest is totally random.  You submit an image to be eligible for a random drawing.  The photos aren’t really “judged” at all.  They’re there for the viewing pleasure of all – minus all “objective” judging criteria.  I’m in.  You should be, too.  Enter the contest here and support Virginia State Parks.

The Shenandoah Valley's very own version of the Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon.

The Shenandoah Valley’s very own version of the Horseshoe Bend (like the one in the Grand Canyon).