I took a big risk in waiting until today to try a night-lapse series, but it was a perfect night.  I didn’t quite have the best angle (and that really bright light that turns off toward the end really upset me), but I’m definitely learning.  I’m determined to try this again at some point – it just takes forever to process it.

Midnight Clear

I suppose this is what it looked like that night.  Well, minus the house and the electricity.

One of these days I'm going to try a night-long time lapse.  I would have done more on this night, but it was just cold.  I don't like cold.

One of these days I’m going to try a night-long time-lapse. I would have done more on this night, but it was just cold. I don’t like cold.

Subtle Movement

We all know that the clouds are moving, but it’s incredibly subtle movement.  At least to the naked eye.  I was driving home this afternoon and that cloud formation was just screaming for me to grab my camera.  I shot some video with the aerial camera, but I’ll have to play with the stabilization a bit before I post it (if I post it).  I didn’t really stabilize this one (as you might be able to tell) because the algorithm was getting confused by all the cloud movement – there’s no real reference point.