There’s something about flying over water that unnerves me, but holy crap the results are worth it!

I'm on the shore directly opposite the boat.

I’m on the shore directly opposite the boat.


So here’s the scene – we’re driving back from the district band assessment at Sherando High School (where the Handley Band got a superior rating, btw!) and we’re going to wash the car.  The manual one where you have to brave the elements and actually wash your own car.  But all the bays are taken, and some are closed, so we decide it’s no big deal and start driving out.  As we drive by the empty bays I see a fascinating (that’s a relative term, I know, ‘cuz I’m visually fascinated by weird and mundane stuff) image that I want to capture.  Now, keep in mind, a couple of the bays are closed off with cones, but still accessible and that’s where I see my image.  I start snapping photos and some guy drives right up to me, rolls down his window and starts shouting for me to come over to him.  I oblige and he starts interrogating me about why I was taking pictures.  I told him, simply, that I’m a photographer and I saw something fascinating and wanted to take pictures.  Simple enough.

His response – “There’s no reason to take any pictures!”

My reply – “I can and I will.”

I spent a little extra time taking more pictures than I’ll probably want just for spite.