Letter to Today:

Dear Today,

You could have been better to me.  While washing the car, I almost ripped the fingernail off my middle left finger.  Yeah, this one.  The one I’m holding up and showing to you.  Yeah, that one.  Hurts like crap.  Then I had to cancel a credit card due to fraudulent charges.  It’s getting to the point that the banks red flag ANY spending that’s even slightly outside of my pattern.  I get it, but it’s frustrating when it happens.  I think I’m on my 3rd new credit card in the past year!  Oh, and I ran into the back of a car on my bike ride.  Credit card fraud really sucks.

So, yeah, you could have been better to me.



And just a FYI, I’m fine after the cycling incident (for those of you asking).  I was more embarrassed than I was concerned.  It was one of those “I’ve-ripped-the-fingernail-off-my-middle-finger-(the-one-I’m-showing-you-now)-and-somebody-is-trying-to-steal-money-from-me-but-I-want-to-get-a-ride-in-so-I’m-in-a-hurry-and-I’m-not-paying-any-attention” kind of incidents.

If you play the guitar, you can identify and here’s why.  Let’s say you play the guitar.  You know all the chords.  You’ve practiced.  You know ’em.  But ya still look at the frets from time to time, right?  Ya just do.  That’s the way it works.  It’s the same with us cyclists.  I know where my pedals are.  I know how my shoes fit into the cleats.  But I still look at the pedals every once in a while.  Imagine you’re playing the guitar.  You got a pretty good tune going on.  You’re strumming along and you glance down to check the proper fingering and WHAMMO!  You just ran into the back of a stopped car.  See, now you understand.

There was really no damage to either me or the car, but guess what took the brunt of the impact.  Yeah, my left middle finger (the one I’m showing you now).

Yeah, today could have gone better.

I’m thinking those agoraphobics are on to something.  Of course, I wouldn’t be able to capture images like these if I never went anywhere.

Murphy's Law

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