I Can See Clearly Now…

Finally! Feels like a heavy blanket’s been lifted.


The reaction I get these days when I tell people I do video…”You do video?!”  Yes, I do video.  It’s ironic that most people think of me as a still photographer these days when video is actually how this all got started.  So for those that may have forgotten that I do video, here’s a reminder.


Apparently I’m taking requests now.


So my wife has developed quite the “photographer’s eye” these days.


Put aside your political views/opinions for about 45 minutes each day.  Enjoy the fact that there’s always this to look forward to.


It’s been a while since I shot anything and I know this is a similar composition, but it’s never really the same. | Order a print of this image.

Snow Haiku

I don’t like the cold
The sun looks great in Winter
I want some bacon


I really like the juxtaposition of the cool tones and the warm tones. | Order a print of this image.

Last Sunrise

I made it up for the last sunrise of 2016.  This is a photography blog so that’s enough words.


The scenic Colonial Parkway runs along the James River. |  Order a print of this image.


Jamestown Island

I’ve found that some of the best sunrises are during the winter months.  It’s tough, though, to get motivated to get out of a warm bed and subject myself to frozen hands, but the end result is usually well worth it.


Sunrise over Jamestown Island. | Order a print of this image.

Maiden Voyage

Well, So far so good.  I took the new Mavic Pro out for its first flight this morning and was impressed with everything about it.  It’s easy to set up, unassuming and is incredibly easy to fly (as I expected having used DJI products for almost 3 years now).  Its image quality is incredible for as unassuming as it is.  It’s ultra portable and the battery lasts forever.  It doesn’t take the place of my Inspire 1, but is simply another tool in the toolbox for this massive gear head.


Sunrise over Winchester (processed from a single RAW photo). | Order a print of this image.


Through some pretty intense back pain I still managed to get out on Saturday to shoot the Battlefield Half Marathon.  Although I wasn’t as mobile as I was the previoius two years, I still got some great Fall colors and an awesome sunrise.  I suppose I should have taken it easy, but I’m just stubborn that way I guess.  After all, I got the shot!



Words aren’t really even necessary, are they?


My morning view for most of this vacation.

Space Coast

Alright, so here’s the obligatory Spring Break photo…


Order a print of this image.


Waking up early is no big thing when you know it’s gonna look like this.  It doesn’t matter what brand of coffee you drink, I still think this is the best part of waking up.

Order a print of this image.

Order a print of this image.

I’m Back…

It felt like a surgical scene as I was reassembling the drone last night, but I’m back.  It’s back.  My nerves are going to really keep me in check for a while after that incident.  Perhaps that was a good thing.

I think I'll need to go through all the settings again.  The rebuild must have sent everything back to factory default.  I typically shoot at 100 ISO, but this one was shot @ 1600!

I think I’ll need to go through all the settings again. The rebuild must have sent everything back to factory default. I typically shoot at 100 ISO, but this one was shot @ 1600!


This one has cover photo written all over it.  Or I might hang it on the wall.  Either way I really like how it turned out.



I spent the last three mornings scouting out a shot I’ve wanted to get for some time.  The flag was incredibly uncooperative the first day I arrived, which really ticked me off because I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn!  I wasn’t initially going to go out again today because I thought I’d see the exact same thing.  It’s typically not been very windy in the morning lately, but today I got the shot.  Man, did I get the shot.  If you’re into shooting sunrises, hitting the snooze button is not an option!

“Remember those who served.  All gave some, some gave all.”


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Waking Up

Every morning I sit at my desk and watch the sun rise from inside.  It looks awesome, but today I wanted to do it properly.  I also have to do some night shooting with the Inspire 1 to test its low-light capabilities.  I’m thinking it’s going to impress.

Order a print of this image.

Order a print of this image.


Capturing The Cover

I’m always curious about what the scene really looks like in photographer’s scenes.  Just going through some of my images as I prepare my year-long contract with Getty Images and I came across this one.  This is the setup I had for capturing the cover image for Winchester City’s annual calendar.

Capturing the cover

Capturing the cover

Front Cover

Heads up.  Watch for the 2015 Winchester City calendar.  Yours Truly is featured on the front cover (well, at least my image is) as well as multiple months inside.

Winchester, VA

Order a print of this image.


Sun Shower

I think it’s cool how you can sometimes see a rain storm way off in the distance.  That’s what I saw here, only it’s a sun shower.  One of these days I’m going to figure out how to shoot those rays so they look like they do when I’m looking at them.



This morning’s glow was pretty cool.  It completely wrapped around the entire sky.  So many times I’m so focused on the actual sunrise that I forget to do a 180 and check out the other view.  It was tough to pick just one image so here are two.