I’ve posted “One-A-Day” since January 1 and have yet to actually post a video.  It’s about time I did.  I’ve been collecting plenty of video footage over the past couple weeks with this new drone and had an idea to create some school videos for various local high schools and universities.  What better school to start with than the school that both my kids and my wife attended – John Handley High School.  And what better music to accompany than the alma mater. I wonder how many people really know the origin of this tune.  The original lyrics don’t really paint a pretty picture, but I’ll leave that up to you to research.

You may know it as “the ubiquitous alma mater song used by almost every school in the universe.”  – +oldwhtman

I looked all over for this song and all I could really find was the Kellerman’s Anthem from Dirty Dancing.  Or a university glee club singing their own lyrics.  Thank goodness for YouTube!  And thank you +oldwhtman for allowing me to use your performance of it.

6 thoughts on “Annie Lisle

  1. Thanks so much. My dad and all my kin went to school here. Most beautiful school ever. I was in the pageant many times at Apple Blossom.


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