The reaction I get these days when I tell people I do video…”You do video?!”  Yes, I do video.  It’s ironic that most people think of me as a still photographer these days when video is actually how this all got started.  So for those that may have forgotten that I do video, here’s a reminder.

Wedding Selfie

I don’t think I’ve shared this.  I remember posting an image of this incident, but never the full video.  If you pay close attention at about 45 seconds you can see the quad level out (it’s so very subtle) and that was my fatal mistake because it didn’t clear the hill and I still had legal room to climb.  Once the forest starts to appear in the shot it’s not long before it happens, but I end this video before that point.  It won’t take much imagination to figure out what happens next.  A shout-out to my brother and son for heading off after it.  After all that, I still got the shot!

Bark Bark

I haven’t been incredibly creative for a while.  This, however, may be my favorite commercial in a while that  I created.  That’s my dog Waldo – well, it’s at least his voice in the commercial.


It’s sometimes difficult for some folks to make it back to their alma mater to visit.  Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes.  I graduated 21 years ago this year and JMU is such a different school (physically – I won’t get into the politics of all that’s been in the news lately).  I know I enjoyed my time there and hopefully this video will spark some memories if you’re also an alumnus.  Before I did the video of Handley I actually had this one started, but I didn’t have enough footage yet.  I’ve finally collected enough footage – enjoy.

Madison, James Madison
We’ll Be Forever True
Our Loyalty Will Always Be To JMU
While Friends Remain Within Our Hearts
And Knowledge Guides Our Way
James Madison Will Lead Us On
To Conquer Each New Day

Annie Lisle

I’ve posted “One-A-Day” since January 1 and have yet to actually post a video.  It’s about time I did.  I’ve been collecting plenty of video footage over the past couple weeks with this new drone and had an idea to create some school videos for various local high schools and universities.  What better school to start with than the school that both my kids and my wife attended – John Handley High School.  And what better music to accompany than the alma mater. I wonder how many people really know the origin of this tune.  The original lyrics don’t really paint a pretty picture, but I’ll leave that up to you to research.

You may know it as “the ubiquitous alma mater song used by almost every school in the universe.”  – +oldwhtman

I looked all over for this song and all I could really find was the Kellerman’s Anthem from Dirty Dancing.  Or a university glee club singing their own lyrics.  Thank goodness for YouTube!  And thank you +oldwhtman for allowing me to use your performance of it.