Fairy Tale

Makes you completely disregard the fact that this is actually a cemetery, right?


The gatehouse entryway to Mt Hebron cemetery in Winchester, VA. | Order a print of this image. 

The Real Magic

I honestly believe it’s true that ignorance is bliss.  I spent the last week in Disney World where it was very apparent that they’re growing and expanding their offerings.  It seemed as though there was no space that was not under construction.  It could have been so easy for anyone to grumble their way through the experience, but kids don’t care if there’s a construction crane in the shot.  They couldn’t care less that the disguised construction wall doesn’t look quite real.  That stuff’s not important to the kids.  It’s when their eyes light up when they finally get to meet their favorite characters from Up, Dug and Russell.  It’s when they finally get to meet the real Elsa and Anna and they get a warm hug.  It’s when the get so excited when Chef Mickey visits them while they’re eating breakfast.  That’s the real magic.

castle fireworks

Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom. | Order a print of this image.


When I was a kid, my family had a traditional vacation spot.


Sure, we went other places, but we had a specific place we visited more than others.  It’s not been that way since I have my own family now.  We kinda like to be adventurous and see different places.

Sure, we’ve been to places more than once, but that’s usually a weekend or shorter trip.  Not the BIG summer vacation.

Austria, however, is the place that both my wife and I agree that we want to repeat.  It was simply a great place, great sights, great food including the incredible Salzburger Nokerl.

But if/when we go back, I’d like to visit a place we just couldn’t squeeze in the first time.  In the mountains behind this castle are the giant Salzburg ice caves.  It would’ve been very cool, but apparently it was quite a hike and very icy.


Any activity we were doing had us driving past this huge castle on the hill. The ice caves entrance is just to the right of the castle in the image. And these mountains are monstrous. Order a print of this image. Read more http://www.sallerhof.com/en-attraction-ice-caves-werfen.htm