Fairy Tale

Makes you completely disregard the fact that this is actually a cemetery, right?


The gatehouse entryway to Mt Hebron cemetery in Winchester, VA. | Order a print of this image. 

Organic Creativity

Photography is one of those things that can truly have an organic component to it.  I often venture out with a specific shooting goal in mind and almost always become inspired on site to be creative based on whatever situation presents itself to me.  It’s simply part of the creative process.  I gotta figure out how to teach that in the classroom.


I was there to shoot Fall foliage.


I wasn’t initially going to post this one, but once it all came together I changed my mind.  I just like the perspective this one gives to the landscape.  By the way, this is the big cemetery in Winchester – Mt. Hebron Cemetery.  They advertise that they have space available for the next century!  Yeah, it’s huge.