What do you remember from college?  I was on my alma mater’s campus today during the annual parade of champions marching band competition, but I was more focused on what I remember from my days at the school – D-Hall.  I worked in food services throughout my entire college career and have some great memories – from farm parties, bowling leagues and overnight camping trips.  What a blast!  I wanted to capture a few images of the building I called “my office” before it’s demolished and replaced by a more up-to-date facility next year.  Check out this page for an image of the construction of D-Hall.

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D-Hall is the circular building with Bridgeforth Stadium top left and the iconic Wilson Hall (from behind) top right. | See more like this in my online gallery.


Lately I’ve heard lots of people use the term “empty nest” when referring to our situation as our youngest just graduated high school. It’s usually with great enthusiasm that it’s mentioned.  After today I’m not so sure I’m prepared for it.  I just spent the day discussing how our daughter is being violently shoved into a position of incredible freedoms and enormous responsibility. I keep thinking that it’s going be rough for her, but I really should consider how rough it’ll be for me. She’s been on the same campus at the same time and has already integrated into a new group of friends. Me?  I’m  stressing about how she’s going to do, will she remember to eat, will she find all her classes, will she discover her passion?  Geez I’m not prepared.

One of the few traditions/superstitions @ Roanoke College is for students to avoid stepping on the seal outside the Administration Building. If they step on it they don’t graduate in four years.