Change (aka I’m Old)

So I’ve arrived at that point in life where I can remember growing up with things and experiences and an entirely new generation can’t relate.  Sure there are those people who talk about certain things/experiences like they know.  They don’t know.  You’ve seen those lists and probably videos of products that millenials didn’t grow up with like cassette tapes, rotary home phones, home phones, the “pound sign,” 8-track casettes, Mickey butters, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, dial-up modems, floppy discs, Nick from Family Ties, Family Ties, console TVs, answering machines, Kodak disc cameras – good grief, the list goes on and on.  Now, I’m not saying kids these days don’t know about these things – they just didn’t grow up with them.  There’s a difference.  I was reminded recently when my sister got an air popcorn popper and had no idea how to use it.  It was fascinating to watch all her friends taking pictures and video (from their new-fangled smart phones no less!).

Good grief I feel old.  Now, get off my lawn!


James Madison Univeristy’s new D-Hall replaces the previous round building that was my work home during my 4.5 years at the school. | See more images including some of the previous D-Hall.


Did you ever purchase something based on the hype and the credibility of person pushing it?  I just did and so far I’m underwhelmed with the results.  I’m not giving up, I’m just saying it just may not be worth all the hype just yet – or at least, I’m not seeing it.

Meh.  It's a decent photo, but not much different than what I've already been doing.

Meh. It’s a decent photo, but not much different than what I’ve already been doing with the software I already had.


No, not the year of the British Invasion.  It’s the year that D-Hall was built on JMU campus.  I saw this picture and thought, this is probably not too far from what it looked like then especially the concrete tables built into the landscaping (perhaps didn’t have handicap ramps either).  Love it.

The controversy over D-Hall was that it wasn’t consistent with the rest of campus. It was round and didn’t use bluestone in its construction.


What do you remember from college?  I was on my alma mater’s campus today during the annual parade of champions marching band competition, but I was more focused on what I remember from my days at the school – D-Hall.  I worked in food services throughout my entire college career and have some great memories – from farm parties, bowling leagues and overnight camping trips.  What a blast!  I wanted to capture a few images of the building I called “my office” before it’s demolished and replaced by a more up-to-date facility next year.  Check out this page for an image of the construction of D-Hall.

See more like this in my online gallery.

D-Hall is the circular building with Bridgeforth Stadium top left and the iconic Wilson Hall (from behind) top right. | See more like this in my online gallery.


It’s so weird driving through the JMU campus nowadays.  There’s so much that I remember, but there are so many new and subtle changes.  And, of course, as I look around (not paying attention to the roads) I miss traffic lights and totally look like a tourist.  Never mind the fact that I grew up here.

Today we’re band parents at the first-ever Band Day (I swear I’m hearing “band-aid”) at JMU where high school students will be on the field (briefly, but still on the field – and in the stands) with the JMU Marching Royal Dukes.  What an awesome experience for these students.


Even the potted plants have the team spirit!


It’s sometimes difficult for some folks to make it back to their alma mater to visit.  Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes.  I graduated 21 years ago this year and JMU is such a different school (physically – I won’t get into the politics of all that’s been in the news lately).  I know I enjoyed my time there and hopefully this video will spark some memories if you’re also an alumnus.  Before I did the video of Handley I actually had this one started, but I didn’t have enough footage yet.  I’ve finally collected enough footage – enjoy.

Madison, James Madison
We’ll Be Forever True
Our Loyalty Will Always Be To JMU
While Friends Remain Within Our Hearts
And Knowledge Guides Our Way
James Madison Will Lead Us On
To Conquer Each New Day

Band Camp

“This one time, at band camp…”

Well, this was the last JMU Summer band camp that either of our kids will attend.  What a great opportunity for any band student.  This camp not only teaches marching band fundamentals, but it also teaches leadership and teamwork.  Great opportunity if you’re thinking about a band camp.

Order a print of this image.

Order a print of this image.

JMU 2.0

You know how when you get older, you start telling your kids, your nieces and nephews, your students – just anyone younger than you are – about how “none of this was here when I was your age?”  That was me at James Madison University today while talking with my daughter.  The new part of JMU (east side of 81) is pretty cool and the architecture is dramatic.  I might just be exploring more this weekend.

I went to school with the Carrier Library.  Pretty cool that another president has a separate library on the new part of campus.

I went to school when the Carrier Library was the only on-campus library (and it had one less floor than it currently has). This is the second on-campus library across I-81.