My first accessory for every lens - UV filter.

My first accessory for every lens – UV filter.

Folks, if you’re serious about your photography equipment – even if you’re not a photographer by trade, but simply want to protect your gear as best you can – there’s no better investment than the UV filter for your lens.  Any lens.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the Canon 1DX, the Nikon D3X, a mirrorless camrea, a point & shoot or a camcorder – there’s almost always a UV filter that will fit your gear.

You don’t want to learn from experience that a simple lens filter could have saved some fairly expensive equipment.

I remember the one time I dropped my camera gear.  We were on vacation and it was a simple camcorder (huge compared to the ones today) hidden deep in a backpack of other “toursity” things.  I heard it fall off the stroller and crack the pavement.  I thought for sure the camera was done for.  The only thing that broke was the UV filter!  It’s now the very first accessory I purchase whenever I get a new lens.

I cringe when I see a lens without one.  That glass is delicate people.  Take care of it.

You don’t want it looking like this.