Summer Lovin’

I remember my youth when my mom would go out in the back yard and spend an afternoon pulling Japanese beetles off the flowers and dropping them into a can of gasoline.  Yep, that’s how I remember it.  So when I saw the beetles on the flowers today I had to grab my camera and, of course, I like to get creative (go figure).  Not only with my photography, but with the names and post titles and…well everything.  I just couldn’t help myself with this title.  Sorry Mom.

Summer Lovin'

I know nothing about entomology so this may or may not be a suitable title for the blog posts, but it’s appropriate as far as I’m concerned.


Anybody know what this plant is called?  I’m in Satellite Beach on vacation and the red-splashed leaves really caught my eye.

This is the perfect Christmas plant for Florida.

This is the perfect Christmas plant for Florida.