They say that when you’re doing what you love, you never work a day in your life.  If that’s true, I’ve NOT been working a crazy amount these days.


I couldn’t resist the blossoming of Spring!

April Fool’s…

…or “Hurry Home?”  I couldn’t really decide which way to go.  Complete inside joke that only a few will understand, but in the meantime, enjoy April Fool’s Day.


Wonder how long it’ll take to get a text…?

Come On…

Come on Spring – kinda tired of riding my bike inside all the time.  Need some variety.



Poll for the audience…

…how many of you had a Disney song going through your head just now?  Just curious.


Check out the pattern that the freezing rain made.  Fascinating.


I’m requiring my Beginning Photography students at Shenandoah University to recreate this image.  I had to create it so they had a reference.  I finished it and thought “well now that’s a blog photo.”  It’s not a difficult technique to pull off, but it’s slightly different than what we did in class – same technique just applied in a very creative manner.  Can’t wait to see the results.

Feeling a little tipsy - I wasn't even drinking!

Feeling a little tipsy – I wasn’t even drinking!


Each time we visit my in-laws, there’s some sort of ridiculously huge insect indigenous to Florida waiting for us.  Crazy thing is, it usually sticks around the entire time we’re there.  This time we named it.

Yep, this is what you get when I accidentally delete my intended one-a-day...

Yep, this is what you get when I accidentally delete my intended one-a-day…

Summer Lovin’

I remember my youth when my mom would go out in the back yard and spend an afternoon pulling Japanese beetles off the flowers and dropping them into a can of gasoline.  Yep, that’s how I remember it.  So when I saw the beetles on the flowers today I had to grab my camera and, of course, I like to get creative (go figure).  Not only with my photography, but with the names and post titles and…well everything.  I just couldn’t help myself with this title.  Sorry Mom.

Summer Lovin'

I know nothing about entomology so this may or may not be a suitable title for the blog posts, but it’s appropriate as far as I’m concerned.