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Maiden Voyage

Well, So far so good.  I took the new Mavic Pro out for its first flight this morning and was impressed with everything about it.  It’s easy to set up, unassuming and is incredibly easy to fly (as I expected having used DJI products for almost 3 years now).  Its image quality is incredible for as unassuming as it is.  It’s ultra portable and the battery lasts forever.  It doesn’t take the place of my Inspire 1, but is simply another tool in the toolbox for this massive gear head.


Sunrise over Winchester (processed from a single RAW photo). | Order a print of this image.

KOKV 291515Z AUTO 21007KT 10SM CLR 17/07 A3013 RMK A02

Great day to fly – yeah, I’m a geek, so.


The weather finally cooperated with me – just wish the foliage would, too. | Order a print of this image.

My View

I hope you’re able to get out there and enjoy the holiday weekend.  Our fireworks display in Winchester was tonight.  This was my first “official” shooting flight from my house and I’m diggin’ my view!  I wish I could have gotten just a little bit closer to the fireworks so they don’t come off looking so small, but I was already 1200 feet away from my launch site and at my max ceiling.  I suppose it’s not so bad because I didn’t have to leave my back yard.

My View


I was near downtown today when the sun began setting.  It pays sometimes to keep the gear in the car.

The new Discovery Museum in Old Town Winchester

The new Discovery Museum in Old Town Winchester