My Best Camera

I pretty much take my cameras everywhere these days, but there are specific situations where my big cameras won’t work.  Namely, my bike rides.  I have, however, adopted the popular saying among photographers “My best camera is the one I have with me.”  This is actually an iPhoneography book and app, FYI.  I just really want to go back now and shoot this properly.

A one-shot HDR from an iPhone.

A one-shot HDR from an iPhone.


What is it that’s making me really want to go inside?

IMG_8302 IMG_8307 IMG_8310

Urban Exploration

What is it about urban exploration (aka Urbex or UE) that is so fascinating to so many people these days?  In the midst of a huge photography boom, it certainly stands out as unique.  I’ve been to this place on several occasions and it fascinates me every time.  Today I got to bring my 18-year-old son to have a peek.  He was a little creeped out and I swear he thought zombies were gonna come running out any minute!

It makes you wonder about what once was.  It makes you wonder who once was.  It makes for good photography.  It makes for fascinating photography.  It’s the thrill of exploration and discovery.

It’s just really cool.

Sykesville Winter

One of the abandoned buildings of the Warfield Complex in Sykesville, MD. See more images from Sykesville.