Happy January 109th!


Feb 2, 2019 – Offical start of open season on groundhogs!


The reaction I get these days when I tell people I do video…”You do video?!”  Yes, I do video.  It’s ironic that most people think of me as a still photographer these days when video is actually how this all got started.  So for those that may have forgotten that I do video, here’s a reminder.

There He Is

It’s taken several trips to the beach to get him used to it, but now he absolutely loves running up and down the beach, through the water chasing after any wildlife that moves.  Today he discovered the little sand crabs.


Waldo found his happy place.

Space Coast

Alright, so here’s the obligatory Spring Break photo…


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I have so much more respect for the RC community now that I’ve had a chance to fly with some of them.  And I’m talking strictly RC, not the new wave of folks who’ve purchased drones and are flying them around referring to themselves as RC folks.  I’m talking about the RC enthusiasts that go way back to flying with gas-powered craft.  I’ll equate it to talking with photographers who used to shoot on film and develop their own images.  These RC guys (and gals) were around long before we started slapping FPV cameras on the bottom of multi-rotors.  I only spent about 45 minutes around this group in Florida and gained a lot of respect.  It was really cool to watch and listen as they literally flew circles around me (I asked them to – made for better images).  For the record I am NOT an RC guy.  I’m just a photographer that uses an aerial platform.  I have so much to learn.

The RC field in Satellite Beach where I met some really cool RC folks.

The RC field in Satellite Beach where I met some really cool RC folks.  That’s an RC plane (top right) and that was as close as I was willing to get.


Enjoying some quality time at the beach.  I figured I’d shoot the sunrise a little differently this morning.

It’s been a while since I did a video here so enjoy.