The Last Supper

No.  Not that last supper.  I know that’s the end of this season.

I’m talking about the meals that we’ve been receiving for the last couple weeks since I came home from the hospital.  What an awesome outreach from my church.  We’ve enjoyed some really great meals compliments of the Guardian Angels at First Presbyterian Church.

Last night was the last one and we’re so thankful to all those who brought us a meal in this frigid weather.  Thank you.



Do you think there’s an American restaurant in Japan where they grill hotdogs and hamburgers and participate in various American idiosyncrasies?  I wonder what those idiosyncrasies would be.  And I wonder where the Japanese restaurants here in the U.S. get their material.  Is there some father somewhere in Japan making onion ring volcanoes for his kids at dinner?  Is there a Japanese mother making beating heart shapes out of rice?  These are things that make me go “hmmmmmmm…”



Lots of companies have a big competitor.  It’s nothing new.

Coke/Pepsi.  McDonald’s/Burger King.  Wal-Mart/Target.  Mac/PC.  iPhone/Android.  And Dannon and Chobani are about to go head-to-head this Sunday in the Superbowl (vote now if you haven’t already).

How about Hershey vs. Nestle?  I may be behind, but I just saw that Butterfinger is making peanut butter cups, too, and since I’m a big fan of Butterfinger I was curious.

How about that – chocolate and peanut butter ARE, in fact, two great tastes that go great together.



So this is the last day of an entire week off from school for both my daughter and wife.  My daughter had school today, but was sick.  My wife told me I was going to miss her being home because of all the awesome meals she’s made.  She’s right.

Making 02

Microwave dinners and pizza delivery here we come!