Not very much photography going on at Cedarmeade Studios today. This has been my view for the past 12 hours and possibly next 24 as well. It’s really difficult to lay still for this long.


Catch Up

My course just missed an entire week’s worth of class time.  Gonna have to play catch up.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

From The Top

A view I grew up with near Harrisonburg – Reddish Knob.  Road this mountain many times.  By the way, hope you enjoy the new look.




Since I’m teaching photography this semester I need to start making images that support the stuff I’m teaching.  Today it was patterns.



I know I used that blog title before, but hear me out.

I had a shoot at an undeveloped site today and got pretty excited that I found a place that was big enough to really test the range of the aerial camera.  At one point I determined that I was about 1600 feet away from my launch point.  Pretty cool and I was having a blast (getting some great footage, too).

Tonight I saw the movie American Sniper, which really makes you think about things differently.  Anyway, if you follow the road in the upper middle of the frame (it starts with a left-hand bend) away from the camera to where the open field ends and the forest begins, that’s about the 1,600 feet.  That’s still 4,700 feet short of the longest shot from Chris Kyle, the featured soldier in American Sniper!





Look through your fridge/pantry and find all the leftovers, open bags of unused veggies, miscellaneous cans of soup and meat that needs to be used soon and just throw it in the crock pot.  Turn it on high and you’ve made yourself a meal, right?  Yeah, I just did that with this photo.  Ha!

By the way, I’d throw that meal out and order a pizza…



I’ve looked forward to flying this thing while it snowed.  Now that I have – meh…

I got the call that the city schools were called off so I got excited that it might make for some great images.  Schools were cancelled because of this!?

This is as bad as it got today.

This is as bad as it got today.