“Winter is here.”

Today’s checklist:

    1. Snowblower successfully started
    2. Winter Blend coffee in the hopper
    3. Snow on the ground
    4. GoT in the DVD player




For as much snow as we got a couple weeks ago, it’s pretty crazy how little I’m seeing when I look out my window.  Well, even though there’s little to no evidence left, I still have photographic proof that it happened.


Granted, this is a sporty-looking 4-door coupe, but that’s still an impressive amount of snow!


I was being rolled back to the OR exactly a year ago.  What a difference one year makes, huh?


Has nothing to do with the surgery, I just like the image.  #iphone #olloclip


Leap Of Faith

I don’t really feel too bad about it.  After all, he’s been in snow before.  You’d think he’d have learned his lesson.


He completely disappeared when he landed.  Bet he’s kinda mad at us.


Due to extreme temperatures and weather conditions, Spring will be operating on a 2-month delay.


I’m giving up Winter for Lent.  Who’s with me?!


Catch Up

My course just missed an entire week’s worth of class time.  Gonna have to play catch up.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.


I’ve looked forward to flying this thing while it snowed.  Now that I have – meh…

I got the call that the city schools were called off so I got excited that it might make for some great images.  Schools were cancelled because of this!?

This is as bad as it got today.

This is as bad as it got today.

Snow Day

“…sometimes I like to close my eyes,
And imagine what it’d be like when summer does come.”

– Olaf the snowman

Snow Day


I suppose you could call this neighborly.  I mean, who knows what he could have actually been throwing through his snow blower.  In the end, it’s easier (and cheaper) to deal with your own broken window than someone else’s, right?

Here’s to good neighbors.


How Deep?

Yeah, I’d say we got some snow today!  And, of course, Waldo had loads of fun running around in it.  He actually disappeared a couple times – it’s deep.  How deep?  About two Telly Awards deep – depending, of course, on where you measure.

Snowasaurus 2014