Before anybody gets too upset, the camera was really nowhere near the cupola.  Photographers use compression all the time – it’s what makes objects in z-space look so much closer than they really are.  A longer lens will make the objects’ relative size so drastically different and they appear closer to each other.  I was using a 400mm lens (which, on my crop frame camera is essentially a 640mm lens).  I was probably 40-50 meters away from it.

I always err on the side of caution.  I quickly grabbed this shot and then got the heck out of there.

I always err on the side of caution. I quickly grabbed this shot and then got the heck out of there.

It’s Not OK!

We devote an enormous amount of time and effort to improve our craft.  To develop our own style.  To create art.  We put ourselves out there, sometimes in very vulnerable situations.

When I say “we” I mean Creatives – anybody who creates.  It could be paintings.  Perhaps videos.  How about crafts or wood carvings?  For me, it’s photography.

And those “vulnerable” situations I mentioned have everything to do with this phenomenon called the interwebs.  Internets.  The internet folks.

For most Creatives, their art is their main source of income.  It’s a business.  It’s a job and a career.  It was a choice.  IT’S NO OK, PEOPLE, TO EXPECT US TO ALWAYS GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE!  You don’t expect to walk into your local grocery store/pharmacy/department store and walk out without paying do you?  Why is it any different with photography?  IT’S NOT.  I’ll continue to consider freebies and I’ll make decisions based on my own business model and expectations at the time, but don’t get upset if I come right back at you with a link to purchase a commercial  license to use my work.

The experts say that you need to have a web presence these days.  A social media presence.  Ok.  Done.  That opens up a can of worms doesn’t it?  So how do I keep people from taking my images and sharing them elsewhere?  There’s no way you can catch everything.  It’s a pretty vulnerable situation indeed.  Here’s my thinking:

  • I post an image to a social media platform (an actual image, not a link) – I expect people to share it if the desire hits them.  That’s the way it works.
  • I post an actual image to my blog (here at – I expect people to “like” it or share it.  That’s the way it works.  By the way, all the images on this site are posted with a Creative Commons License.   Creative Commons License
  • I post an image to my online galleries ( – I expect people to purchase those images if the desire hits.  It’s an online store people.  This screen grabbing has got to stop.  IT’S NOT OK!  Just because an image is on the internet does not mean it’s “up for grabs.”  IT’S NOT OK.  Did I mention that already.  Technically it’s stealing.

Like I said, I can’t catch everything.  It’s impossible.  I have, however, discovered multiple issues where an image of mine is being used (one from my online galleries) and I have no record of it being purchased.  That’s stealing people.  IT’S NOT OK!

But the latest issue (the impetus behind this post) has really got me heated.  Angry.  Downright pissed off!  And I’ll be addressing the issue with the guilty party.  I’m hoping that it’ll be a simple “Oh wow, I’m so sorry.” but I feel this goes beyond “simple.”  Who knows, maybe this person will approach me after I post this – we’ll see.

I discovered one of my online gallery images imbedded in a Twitter feed.  I have no record of it being purchased.  And credit was given to someone else for having created it!  WTF?!


I've steered clear of watermarking, but perhaps I'm on to something with this watermark.

I’ve steered clear of watermarks, but perhaps I’m on to something with this one.  Maybe you’d like to order a print of this image – the actual image with no watermarks.



Look through your fridge/pantry and find all the leftovers, open bags of unused veggies, miscellaneous cans of soup and meat that needs to be used soon and just throw it in the crock pot.  Turn it on high and you’ve made yourself a meal, right?  Yeah, I just did that with this photo.  Ha!

By the way, I’d throw that meal out and order a pizza…



Gonna have an image on one of those historical plaques you always see near historical monuments and buildings.  Cool.

This image will be on the historical plaque outside my church in Old Town Winchester, VA.

This image will be on the historical plaque outside my church in Old Town Winchester, VA.

Split Tone

Ever wonder what the split toning can do in Lightroom?  Scroll down to see the “before” image.



Pretty boring “before” image



I took the new GoPro out tonight to determine if it’s worthy enough to be considered a decent camera in my photography tool box.  I’ve made my decision.  What do you think?

The "Beacon of Light" all decked out for the holidays

The “Beacon of Light” all decked out for the holidays. | Order a print of this image.

Broad Side

So is this the broad side of the barn that everybody’s always talking about?  Guess I CAN hit it…