That Night

From the entire staff @ Cedarmeade Studios, Merry Christmas! ¬†ūüéĄ


Not Political

I swear it wasn’t political when I started. ¬†And it’s not really now, but given the general political vibe these days my intentions really wouldn’t have mattered¬†– somebody would interpret this differently that what was ever intended. ¬†Yeah, yeah – the first amendment is right there so I suppose it is a little political.¬† I just thought it would be a cool idea and I’ve drawn inspiration for the image¬†from several sources that have done it previously. ¬†I actually had some political elements in it that I decided were not appropriate – just didn’t want them “junking up” the image.


My inspiration was the M4 carbine.  I know nothing about weapon itself Рthis is simply the model I could recreate with some of the gear I own.  See the image on 500px.


I’m requiring my Beginning Photography students at Shenandoah University to recreate this image. ¬†I had to create it so they had a reference. ¬†I finished it and thought “well now that’s a blog photo.” ¬†It’s not a difficult technique to pull off, but it’s slightly different than what we did in class – same technique just applied in a very creative manner. ¬†Can’t wait to see the results.

Feeling a little tipsy - I wasn't even drinking!

Feeling a little tipsy – I wasn’t even drinking!


Just having some fun with a little light painting.  Happy holidays everyone.


How It’s Done

And that, folks, is how it’s done.

Having some fun at the Rocktown Cyclocross Festical today in Harrisonburg, VA

Having some fun at the Rocktown Cyclocross Festical today in Harrisonburg, VA

Night Owl

Anybody else see the moonrise tonight? ¬†I’ve always tried to photograph the moon when it’s just over the horizon and have always missed it by the time I¬†find the right place to set up. ¬†I almost missed it again tonight. ¬†I got some really decent images of the moon as it was rising in front of¬†Handley High School. ¬†I had some¬†fun with this one.

Handley High School's iconic cupola at night.

Handley High School’s iconic cupola at night.


Aren’t most discoveries just a combination of knowledge, timing and just plain dumb luck. ¬†As I was going through my images from this evening I simply looked at this image differently and it just hit me. ¬†Out of the blue. ¬†Crazy how that happens sometimes.

Can you guess what this is?  I'll post the answer within tomorrow's post.

Can you guess what this is? I’ll post the answer within tomorrow’s post.

Mini Me

That’s me on my roof with my son. ¬†Turns out there’s no difference in flight distance from¬†my roof compared to the ground. ¬†Might as well have launched from the driveway. ¬†Oh well, it was fun anyway.


I can do your house, too – just contact me.


I like to shoot sunrises and sunsets. ¬†I’ve said this before. ¬†But after a while, as with anything, it gets harder and harder to shoot it differently. ¬†Granted, each sunset and each sunrise is different, but how do I create something unique. ¬†A big deal for a perfect composition is to have depth to your images and that’s done by introducing foreground elements. ¬†That’s kinda tough when your camera is 250 feet up in the air. ¬†I just wonder if I’ll get any backlash from this image because of how close I was to it.


By the way, if you live in the Winchester-Frederick County area of VA (and maybe even if you’ve driven through), you’ve seen this water tower along I-81 at exit 310.


This Sucker’s Electrical!

“No, no, no, no, no, this sucker’s electrical, but I need a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity I need.”

–¬†Dr. Emmett Brown

I think Doc Brown would have been all set for a few more trips in his time machine after last night’s storms! ¬†I wonder how many gigawatts were generated from this one.

I give you 1.21 gigawatts! | Order a print of this image.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 1.21 gigawatts! | Order a print of this image.


Another rainy day, another rainy day project. ¬†Now you get to guess what it is. ¬†And NO, I’m not tagging it with descriptors of how I did it. ¬†No fair.

I'm starting to get appreciate the fact that different people are going to see this differently.

I’m starting to get appreciate the fact that different people are going to see this differently. ¬†See more like this.

Rainy Day

Everybody’s going to have their slumps. ¬†Whatever you’re into, you’re gonna have a slump. ¬†I had recently slipped into my own slump and wasn’t actually shooting anything new there for a while. ¬†Wasn’t pushing my creativeness at all. ¬†Until I found this rainy-day project. ¬†The hard part wasn’t the slump (it, too, shall pass). ¬†It wasn’t the lighting or the set up. ¬†It wasn’t any of those things.

The hardest part?

Choosing my favorites.


What a fun rainy-day project. | Order a print of this image from my newest gallery.